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This is simply a bloggy tale told by an idiot.  Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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  1. It's one in the A.M., it's quiet and I'm tired but not at peace. Thinking of re-connecting with sailing, I looked up a nautical phrase about jibs and cuts, stumbled across a blog by John Vigor about superstitious coins under masts, wondered about blogs in general and whether I could write one (or just write), picked one completely random follower, found your blog and read some of it. Your writing style feels good, well structured and accomplished, smart and easy, smarter and more accomplished than I imagine I could achieve. I like it and feel something. Maybe a snuffing out of a passing fancy.
    So anyway all this spooky randomness must or could mean something, maybe our destinies are meant to be entwined forever, we become close or I'm a looney tunes nutter out to cyber stalk you, or maybe I just like the cut of your jib.

    So why the installment delay? what happened re promised outing with bill'n ben and the blonde bevy, hopefully you just cried off. But what about your pops, how's things with him? Guess I won't work up to blogging after all or get a reply from you. But I'm glad you came to Blighty.