Wednesday, January 10, 2018

And This Is How You Get Herpes

Oh hey. Look at that. It's a brand new year. And the same ole' me. What an amazing/frightening/incredible/disgusting/magical year it was. Apparently a baby can have that effect on one's life. Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I managed to make it to midnight. Erik and Baby Ro did not.
Not to be deterred, I still managed to get a kiss. I hear it's good to have goals.

Herpes? What herpes?

Speaking of goals, I thought it might be a good idea to write out my list of New Years resolutions.

                                           Dawn's Amazing List of Resolutions for 2018

Maybe I'll come back to this later. Once I've had some time to narrow them down. No need to rush into anything. 

I did have a pretty great start to 2018 though. One of my shots from my business, Fuzzy Love Photography made the cover of Pets In The City. I was pretty damn stoked but even better than that, the handsome boy featured was recently adopted with his sister and they both went to the same home. I was ecstatic when I heard the news. I wasn't crying. YOU were crying!!! 

Hope everyone had a great holiday and a wonderful start to 2018. I would love to hear what New Years resolutions any of you have made. I clearly need some suggestions.