Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Adventures In Sleep Deprivation

It's 11:30am on a Tuesday morning and I'm sitting on my couch when I'm supposed to be at work. I'm currently 2.5 hours late and counting. Babykins is teething and had a really rough night. From 3:30am on he wasn't able to rest longer than 45 minutes. His Daddy and I tried to go through his usual routine this morning so I could get us both out the door and off to work (I get to bring him with me every day) but he was. not. having. it.

This basically sums up how the entire household is feeling lately.

He is just so miserable and it breaks my heart while destroying my nerves all at once. I just FB whined all over the place and got some really great (I hope) suggestions to try for him so there's hope.

He's finally FINALLY asleep right now in his swing and I'm sitting here. Not at work. But on my stupid couch with tears streaming down my face. I'm exhausted and stressed out and worried about my job.

I had to take a day off last week because after an especially busy day at work running errands and lifting 18lb baby and car seat in and out of my vehicle 15 times (yes, I actually counted) I was in so much pain the next day I couldn't go in.

And now this. How do people work full time with a baby and not get themselves fired? He's more important to me than a job and he will always come first, even if it gets me terminated; it doesn't mean I'm not ridiculously strained and worn out from trying to come up with a solution though.

Well, the tears have stopped. Mine, anyway. Fingers crossed Rowan feels better after his nap. Wish us luck!

See? It's not so bad. It's not so bad. It's not so bad.