Saturday, December 7, 2013

Warning! Shit makes an appearance 5 times in the first paragraph. The word. Not pictures.

What the hell is happening here!!!  When did it become December?  This is some straight up bullshit.  So, apparently the last time I posted, FOUR MONTHS AGO, I mentioned I would be getting a puppy.  I'd been trolling the googlyweb for over a year looking for the perfect puppy.  Also giving Erik time to adjust to the fact that yes, we are indeed getting an addition to our little family.  There's not much I give a shit about.  I'm pretty apathetic and indifferent to most things.  However, when I do decide to give a shit, I put a lot of energy and focus into making those shits count.  And that can turn into a pretty monumental shit, if ya know what I mean.  And I don't think you do.  Because I certainly don't. 

My point is, I wanted a puppy.  I searched and waited, knowing (sort of) what I wanted.  So when I saw a listing from a border collie breeder whose stud had a "mishap" with her Husky, I knew one of those little mutts was going to be mine.

My plan of manipulation pleading cajoling bargaining threatening  uh, lets just call it my plan of giving a shit went into action before the little pack was even born.  It seemed Mama dog was purposely letting those babies percolate for an overly extended period of time.  I couldn't WAIT for those puppies to get themselves born.

Eventually, she stopped being a selfish, puppy hogging Mother and pooped those pups out.  Since the breeder lives four hours away, she sent photos and I picked out baby Milo right away.  Then waited another excruciating 8 weeks.

The day I finally met him to bring him home, I was downright ecstatic.

He snuggled right in and has been my little cuddle monkey every day since.

Must.  Not.  Squish.

Kitten was considerably less ecstatic and more than a little suspicious. 
It took her about a week before she'd venture into the same room with Milo.  They're not exactly best of buds but she tolerates him, and that's saying a LOT for a cat who has never wanted to be in the same neighborhood as a dog, much less have to share a couch.

Since Erik grudgingly "allowed" me (really, like he ever had a choice) to have Milo, I was a little apprehensive about how they would get along.  Especially since Erik works from home and would be with him all day. 

Probably the most negligible worry I've ever had in my life.

Let's be real.  His heart was doomed from the start.
Resistance is futile people.  FUTILE!
Side note: Please do not be alarmed by this red carpet room of doom.  Obviously, you HAVE to judge, just don't be alarmed.  About 5 months ago Erik and I were picking out new carpet to replace this monstrosity.  We finally decided on what we wanted and Erik was heading over to get a sales person when I mentioned we couldn't buy it that day.  He looked at me questioningly to which I responded, "We'd better wait until the puppy (that hadn't even been born yet, picked out or named) is potty trained so we don't ruin the brand new carpet".  He rolled his eyes and stomped off to look at mattresses.  Resistance is futile!

Second side note: The woman we bought Milo from is absolutely amazing.  She loves her animals like they're her babies and had Milo basically potty trained when we got him.  We had a total of 3 puppy pees inside.  That's IT.  And luckily we had that fabulous carpet to soak up all it's glorious, ammonia filled splendor.  Went along perfectly with the corpse juice stains that have been there since Erik bought the place.  SO, if anyone is ever in need of obtaining one of the best puppies in the entire world, I know a gal!

I was so excited before getting Milo I was telling everyone.  Sadly, not everyone shared my enthusiasm and a few tried to talk me out of it.  Remember E1?  He was one of the most adamant naysayers.  So much so, that he actually had me in tears.  But oh yeah, I'm stubborn, a ginger, and I do what I want!

I played sand volleyball again this fall on the same team as E1.  I brought Milo along so everyone could have the privilege of being chewed on by the best puppy in existence.  E1 met Milo.

E1 adopted Milo's sister, Stella.

Seriously people.  I'm telling you.  Resistance is futile.