Monday, March 25, 2013

Schizophrenia. As Much Fun As A Bag of Dicks.

Hey gang.  Remember how I said I was going to interview my schizo friend and then I went AWOL?  Yeah.  That was cool.  Turns out transcribing audio to text takes a REALLY long time and is pretty tedious.  Instead, I'm going to just post the actual 90 minute recording.  15 minute segments over the next 6 posts.  Yeah.  I did the math.  Suck a rock!  My calculations are correct.  I checked it twice.

I know I'm usually pretty flippant in my posts and talk about poop and licking things, (although never those two together) but this time I wanted to mention how much I'm in awe of my friend Matt and how honored I feel to call him a friend.

He took an hour and a half out of his day to talk to me candidly about something incredibly personal which leaves him wide open to others judgements.  He knew that I was going to post what we talked about on my public blog but that didn't stop him from holding back at all.

I've seen him come to work after a bad night.  A night full of static and voices refusing to let him sleep.  His eyes are a little glassy and at half mast, yet he takes the time to stop by my desk and crack a joke to make me laugh.

I've watched him in company meetings where he's clearly not doing well.  His eyes shift and dart around the room and up at the ceiling.  He's fidgety and nervous.  I look down at my phone to check a text.  When I glance back up Matt is gone.  Having quietly slipped out of the meeting while disrupting not a soul with the private nightmare he's enduring alone.

*Audio player is only working with firefox and explorer.  Apologies.  Technology is an asshole.