Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winning!! (Is that still topical?)

Sooo last week when I had the brilliant idea to do a giveaway, I failed to think it through.  Today is the day I announce the winner.  Which sort of requires I do another post.  Has anyone ever just done a post saying, Yay!  Here's the winner!  The End? 

I really want to do just that but it feels wrong.  I'm not sure why if feels wrong but I was taught from a young age to listen to that still small voice.  And who am I to go against the lessons of my youth?  *ahem*

So I'm going to post some pictures from Halloween that I should have done two months ago and THEN I'm going to announce the winner, thus alleviating my feelings of short-cutting yet another blog post.  Sort of.

Soooo... yeah.  We carved pumpkins.

They were not awesome.
But everyone dressing up at work?  Very awesome.

I went with the super sexy zipper face this year.  

What?  A turtleneck and bloody face isn't sexy?  Oh.  Maybe next year.  Probably not though.

What about now?  Sexy?  Yeah?  *sigh*  I TRY SO HARD!

Alright, I'm over this.  Erik's watching some snowboarding documentary and every 2 seconds bursts out with, "Whoah, Ginger!  Look at this!".  I can't concentrate.  Hold please while I google randomizer thingie so we can get a freaking winner already.

Side note, thank you everyone for entering and telling me which shots you liked.  I really loved going through everyone's picks and seeing all the different tastes.  

And here it is.  Lucky number 13.  Congrats Griffin!  Looks like editing for spelling and grammar pays off every so often.  E-mail me your address and which shot you'd like and I'll have Erik get started on it.
Enter a lower limit: 
Enter an upper limit:  27


Random Number: 13