Friday, July 27, 2012

Simply Evani is Simply Fantastic!

My postings are sporadic and I often forget to check my e-mail account linked to my blog.  Because of this, I’m late to the party.  The Christmas in July party.  Alyx over at Every Day is a New Adventure, had this cute idea to have Christmas in July.  They paired me up with the amazing Evani from Simply Evani. 

 After a proper blog stalking, I found she loves Essie nail polish and the color Teal.  She loves to bake and even her cake pops turn out adorably.  She's crazy for DIY projects and has this amazing knack for accessorizing and putting together cute outfits.  The kind I have to see already put together on a mannequin.  

 She’s sweet, accomplished, feminine and beautiful.  We’re practically twins!  If one of those twins had been dragged off by a dingo and raised in the bush by Canadian aborigines.  You know, those kind of twins.

My package arrived at work with an absolutely lovely note.  And then I opened the first gift.  Then the second.  Then another, and another.  And that’s when I realized that Evani is a damned cheater!!!!  The gift was supposed to have a $20 limit.  

I know for a fact that the Essie polish and MAC lipglass alone is more than that.  Look at all this loot!  She even sent me WINE!  It’s like she’s known me forever.  It’s like she’s my long lost twin or something.

Check out these wicked photo skills!
As if the bottle of wine wasn't enough!  Which by the way was Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon that was made to honor the 120 patriots who helped lead Chile to independence.  How cool is that?
She also sent super cute hair/wrist ties and my favorite brand of makeup.  MAC lip glass in Nymphette.  Which I've been wearing every day since it arrived.  She also sent Essie polish in Ole Caliente.

This is a little known fact by anyone who knows me in real life and has seen the recent state of my nails, but I LOVE nail polish and getting my nails done.  By someone else.  Someone I pay to do it for me.

 In an overly optimistic attempt to rid myself of debt, I've cut out unnecessary expenses.  Like manicures.  I recently decided to take on this task myself.  After all, how difficult can it really be?  I've been cruising around the blogoverse and Pinterest for a while now.  I'm jiggy with it.  I've got the 411.  I'm down!

I trolled around for some inspiration thinking I might get a little extra creative.

Definitely cute but didn't have the little diamondy shapey things.

Awesome, but way too much work.

My favorite so far.

 But in the end, this is what I came up with.....

HAH!  Yeah Right.

Reality.  Check out those meaty paws.  You can't even read the label.
And THIS is why I pay someone to do it.

Evani, thank you so much for the gifts.  You were beyond generous and I love all of it.  Looking forward to blog stalking you some more, but right now, I've got a Chilean cab to drink.