Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Dean!

                                         This is Dean. 

 Cute kid, right?  Dean is one of the last two people in the running to be chosen to travel to New Zealand to work for Arrival Mag NZ.  Let me repeat, the competition has been narrowed down to Dean and ONE OTHER MOST LIKELY LESS QUALIFIED AND MOST DEFINITELY LESS FUN individual.  

 To show his appreciation for the support of his family and friends, he hosted a BBQ yesterday.  I RSVP'd in the affirmative.  Of course I would be there.  I wouldn’t miss it!  Naturally I want to show my support. 

 Unfortunately tragedy struck and I was unable to attend.  After inhaling a meal that involved being ordered by number, I fell into a food coma and was held captive by the visually mesmerizing Kardashians.  I’m currently house/dog sitting for the next two weeks and this joint has cable.  And those Kardashians are horrifying.  

And so, in the hopes of minimizing some of the bad karma points I’ve accumulated for being a crap individual, I’m pimping him out on my blog where prostitution is not only legal, but encouraged!  But not really.  Hookers scare me.  I think it’s their outfits.  Or their badly dyed hair.  Or their Chlamydia.   


And so.  I’m offering you this opportunity to rack up some of your own good karma by meandering on over to this here link, and put in a good word for Dean.  "Liking the video link the mag shared on Dean's behalf would be fantastic and most likely earn you at LEAST 72 good karma points.  Leaving a positive comment will probably secure a place for you in whatever kind of heaven is your favorite.  Unless your version of heaven includes hookers letting their gonorrhea's hang out.  Cause that's gross.  So please!  Help get this kid his dream job!

New Zealand may not thank you but I know Dean will!