Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Like Christmas All Over Again!!!!

Guess what guys??  Not only do I have a couple of blog awards to pass on, but our favorite local business owner Dustin has stumbled upon my dark little corner of the internet.  I knew he still had feelings for me!  This being my blog, it's always going to be rather narcissistic and prejudiced.  So to be fair, he should get to have his say as well.  You can read his comment here.  And while I know I have the very best, most hilarious and wittiest commenters out there, I do ask that if you comment after Dusty, please don't be inordinately rude.  It would appear he already has a rather fragile ego and I would hate for him to take any of this bloggery fun to heart.  I'm beginning to think the fun is one-sided.
Now on to another kind of fun.  The infamous Pickleope is a big vinegar soaked cheater and passed along this ironic little gem:

Funny.  Reallllllll funny Pickleope.

The perfectly lipsticked and perfectly Caffeinated OC Mommy passed this one along:

Because I'm one of those consistently inconsistent people who only post when they feel like it, I don't remember what the rules are.  So here are the rules that sound good to me.  I list 5 random, inane facts and then pass these along to five awesome blogs that I love.  

Inanity #1. I'm still afraid of Bloody Mary.  I never turn on the light if I have to pee in the middle of the night.  While washing my hands before going back to bed, I refuse to look up into the mirror.  You know...just in case.

Inanity #2.  I cried on Saturday while watching the re-run of A Very Glee Christmas.  I know.  You don't have to say it.  I'm hanging my head in shame while typing this.

Inanity #3.  I hate seafood and while visiting my Gram over the summers in Nova Scotia when I was little, would hide my scallops and clams under the rug so I wouldn't have to eat them.

Did I say five facts?  Ehhh lets cut that down by two for the sake of laziness.

But I'm sticking with five awesome blogs.  You all get both awards and I fully expect a full FIVE facts.  No trying to skate by with three you lazy bastards.

Padded Cell Confessions.  She really is sweet AND charming AND funny.  Yeah, I hate her too.

Mayor Gia.  She's pretty much insane and what's not to love about that?  Oh, and perverted.  In the awesome, non-creeper kinda way.  I've laughed out loud numerous times reading her stuff.

TexaGermaFinlaNadian.   Effing HELL that's a mouthful.  As you can tell by the name, she gets around. (But not in the Beastie Boy kinda way) She's married to a hockey player and shares the curiosities she finds living in different countries. 

Lucy The Valiant.   Just like the Lucy of Narnia, she makes you want to be a better person.  She's a school teacher and for Christmas, picked out a book specifically for each student taking into consideration their individual personalities.  How incredibly awesome is that?  Very.  The answer is very.

Dawn at Lighten Up!   To begin with, her name is Dawn so you immediately know she's gonna be one of the coolest people ever.  And she really is.  Her posts never fail to get me to giggle.

Uhh...is that five??  One..two..Yep.  Good.  My work here is done.