Monday, October 22, 2012

This Post Is Not About Snot. Mostly.

It's quite possible I may be the most poorly named individual in the Western Hemisphere.  I was born bouncing face down on the front seat of a snot green Gremlin during the mad race to the hospital while the first rays of dawn were making their daily appearance. 

Is it any surprise I'm not particularly fond of anything happening before the sun has even bothered to get up?  Or that I hate all things snot related?  Why, just the other night, while brushing my teeth, I spit into the sink.  The consistency of my spit was very mucus-like which caused me to start gagging.  I gagged so hard I ended up puking my dinner into the sink.  Ever tried picking regurgitated lettuce out of your sink stopper?  I did not enjoy it.

So yeah, Dawn.  At least they didn't name me snot.

I'm getting off track again.  Carrie over at The Slow-Dripped Life has asked question #3 for her amazing give-away.  When I decided to participate in this, I failed to think it through.  I post maybe once or twice a month, when I'm feeling motivated.  Her contest requires that I answer a question she posts every week for, what is it, 8 weeks?  Holy crap.  This just may be my undoing.  I struggle just trying to keep up with my favorite blogs, never mind actually post something of my own.  *sigh*  I'm already tired.  Nevertheless, this week she asked "Where do you find yourself most centered, most connected to life and your most true self?"

Erik and I go camping.  A lot.  Last month he took me to the Grand Canyon for the second time.  I was a little hesitant considering what we came home to last Labor Day at the Grand Canyon.  Our home had been burglarized while we were away.  They busted in the doggy door and cleaned us out.  All of Erik's photography equipment and scanner.  Every last piece of jewelry I owned, including a silver cuff bracelet from my Gram who had recently passed away.  They stole my half used Victoria's Secret lotion (really?  It's only $9. Get your own) but by far the most heinous offense?  They stole Erik's very favorite beer right out of the fridge.  What kind of monsters steal your BEER?  I'll tell you what kind.  The stupid kind.  They left Erik's road bike ($4,500) and my laptop that's less than a year old.  See?  Stupid.

Even more stupid?  Going for a hike in jeans, wool socks and a long sleeve shirt.  
Yeah, that's boob sweat.  And I'm pretty happy about it. 

And while I think hanging out on the precipice of a crumbly rock with bumbling tourists stumbling around behind you is also incredibly stupid, it did make for some amazing photos.

I'm not biased, he's just that good.
This was Cape Royal at Sunset.  Which is not in the morning.  Which brings me back to Dawn.  Or rather, the opposite of.  With all the griping and complaining I do when Erik drags me off into the wilderness, I love it.  Well, to be more specific, I love the part of camping when we're both sitting by the fire, vino in hand, head tilted back staring at the stars. 

My problems are put back into perspective, my shoulders relax back to their intended position, and my sighs become sighs of contentment rather than frustration.

Not the Grand Canyon.  Obviously.  One of his trips to Monument Valley.

I can't exactly describe what it is.  It's just a feeling.  I find serenity in the darkness accented by the stars.  It's a rare moment of calm that I haven't found anywhere else.  And I cherish it.


  1. The Grand Canyon is universally acclaimed as one of the great natural wonders of the world.Me and my husband went their on our anniversary vacation and it was remarkable memories:)

  2. Those photos are beautiful. My place of serenity is staring at the ocean, so calming and peaceful. I'm sorry you puked in the sink. A few weeks ago I was peeing and started gagging and had to flip around really fast to puke in the toilet. It was awkward. Another time I was peeing and wasn't fast enough and puked on my feet. I don't know what it is about me and puking while peeing but I wouldn't recommend it.

  3. That boob sweat is sweet.

  4. Those are all Eric originals? Those are amazing photographs, and yes I used the whole word "photograph" because those pictures deserve the formal long version of the word.
    You were obviously robbed by meth-heads. I had my car broken into by meth heads. They stole weird stuff like school books and a bowling ball but left the laptop I stupidly left in the car and the radio, etc.
    Thanks for almost making me puke with your snot sink tale.

  5. Oh, come on. Stealing beer too? The nerves thieves have! Considering all the other things they stole, one might think they could buy their own beer and lotion...

    Great photos! I'd love to go camping, but my back is kind of killing me these days. Also, I'm too lazy. And old.

  6. AMAZING photos! Wow! They still wouldn't inspire me to sleep and pee outside and convince me that living like a hobo is a vacation. ;)

  7. Those are some amazing photos!

    I would declare martial law if someone took my beer! Take my tv, take my laptop, take the jewelry, but don't you dare take the beer!

    Sexy boob sweat by the way!

  8. Spectacular photo! Oh yeah and the nature shots are ok too!

  9. I'm the same way about all things spit and mucous related. Makes me want to throw up. So far I haven't actually hurled because of it. But I do make loud, gagging sounds when some dude spits on the sidewalk in front of me. Seriously. What is up with dudes spitting in public? So disgusting. I should go throw up on the sidewalk in front of them.

    Pretty pictures!

  10. Oh my gosh, he is so talented. Is it sad that that and snot are the two things I got out of this post?? I mean, really. It probably is.

    I love camping, too.

    And where did I miss that some idiotic douchebags robbed you?

  11. Those photographs are all absolutely stunning.

  12. Sometimes in the morning when I'm all congested, I'll do a couple throaty hoarking maneuvers to get all the nasty snot buildup out and then loogie it where ever I am which isn't always in the privacy of my home. I end up with a really nasty glop of yellow jello-like oozy slimy goob that once in awhile has a touch of bloody red strains in it.

    I'm hungry now - time for lunch!

  13. Nice post, started off funny and ended up quite moving.

  14. Great Pictures! I would have to agree, that is why I love hunting so much. I get out with no walls and lots of space. I have time to reflect on how lucky I have been to be where I am at. Thank you for sharing!

  15. RMNJS- I'm glad you enjoyed it and made some remarkable memories. If you're going to make some, that's a good place to do it.

    Jordan- Is it wrong that I laughed at your comment? I feel like a jerk now.

    Bama- You need help.

    Pickleope- They are all Erik originals. I will pass along your formal appreciation. :) I'm stuck on the fact that you had a bowling ball in your car. I find that really odd for some reason. Pickles can't puke. You're just fine.

    Annika- I KNOW, right?? Camping does tend to wreak havoc on my neck. But I think it has more to do with the fact I'm sleeping on my face than the fact that I'm camping. *shrug* Who knows for sure?

    PCP- Every time I type our your abbreviated name I think of raves. Because I assume that's where people would take PCP. At a rave. I should google that before making such assumptions. I've never made the completely false statement that camping and vacation are synonymous. Let's not get carried away. Hobo living vs. room service? Like it's even a question.

    Workingdan- Your comment sounded like a country song to me for some reason. OH! Don't take the girl. Is that a song? And yes, boob sweat and sexy are usually found in the same sentence.

  16. Lil Dreamer- Ha! :)

    Mandy- OH how I wish you had the super power to vomit on command. I would want pictures of you splashing their shoes with it. The spitting really needs to stop.

    Alyx- He really is talented, isn't he? Not sad. That pretty much sums up the post actually. You didn't miss anything. I never posted about it. Laziness won out. Again.

    Mynx- I agree! :)

    Wow- So. I actually went running yesterday after work. It was cold, my nose was dripping and some of it was running down the back of my throat. I started thinking about your comment and had to stop because I was gagging into the ditch so badly. I did not puke though. So suck it! Foiled again Sir!!

    Tony- Thank you! What a nice SWEET comment that didn't make me want to throw up. :)

    Utah L- You don't even know the half of it. ;)

    Paul- EXACTLY!!

  17. So it's Saturday and I am FINALLY getting around to everyone's much going on to comment on in this post - first and foremost...THEY STOLE HIS BEER????? What scumbuckets. Wow. Lower than worms in the mud.

    Boob sweat is always pleasant, isn't it? Especially when Hubs notices it and says, 'Lactating?' ugh.

    Your Eric's photographs are UNBELIEVABLE. What amazing talent. If I got dragged around to see that kind of amazing beauty, I'd be one happy girl. Would love to see more of his work! Does he have a website? My Dad does nature/scenic photography. Would love to show him these pics!

    WHERE did you see stars like that???? That is one of my life's goals to go somewhere in this world to get to see stars like that. Beautiful. I can relate as well, to feeling such a peace/calm under a dark sky scattered with stars and the moon's ghostly illumination casting shadows.

    Love it!

    I answered your question, btw, on my post. :)

    1. I think he's pretty talented too. :) If you click on the pictures in the post it should take you to his website. Otherwise, it's

      The shot with the trees was in the Uintas. The other one was in Monument Valley, AZ.

      My favorite ever was last Christmas, sitting in these natural hot springs near Bishop, CA with the Milky Way directly above us. Awesome way to spend Christmas. I recommend it!

  18. Wonderful post... much enjoyed! I've had my house broken into before too, and it is highly irrational what is chosen and what is left behind. The feeling of violation is the worst part. The rest is just stuff, even if precious stuff.

    I too love the starry sky at night. We sit in our hot tub out in the middle of nowhwere west Texas and the star canopy above is amazing, it is my most relaxing place to be!

    1. Not gonna lie, I sleep with my gun in my night stand when Erik is out of town now.

      Not much can beat soaking in hot water out in the night air with the stars overhead. :)

  19. Oh, man, I should have added the Grand Canyon to my list of places I would most like to visit! Especially after seeing those photos. Absolutely amazing! The Grand Canyon is a great subject, but most people could still never get photos like that out of it.

    I'm sorry you had your jewlery stolen, especially your grandma's bracelet. How awful.

    1. YES! I hope you get to go see it one day.

      Thank you. I was pretty bummed but I have pictures of her which are more valuable to me anyway. Luckily thieves don't care about photos of loved ones.

  20. Are those seriously real photographs? You could have told me they were photoshopped and I would have believed you. ._.

    1. They are. :) I can vouch since I was lurking behind him trying to see how he was framing some of the shots.

  21. In reading this post, I started to wonder how we got from snot to sunrise to boob sweat to stars.
    And then I saw your awesome first name. Looks familiar.
    Your post made me happy-face. Till somebody stole your beer. Then I was all:
    :- ( :- ( :- (

    1. You know what else they stole that I forgot to mention? Our dictionary. Most bizarre, cracked-out burglars ever.
      Also, I'm glad you can relate to the randomness. I really do think it's all in the name. ;)

  22. In response to your comment about why I stay. It is a long story, and money is probably the main factor. I thought divorce was bad. After that I was widowed. But nothing is as bad as this. There are good times but....and I sometimes soften and let myself believe again. Then - BOOM! You can always ask me anything. Btw - my email is I can explain better about living with an asshole.

    1. Thanks for being so open and candid. I'm sorry you're living with this and I hope you get the break you've been counting on.