Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Like Christmas All Over Again!!!!

Guess what guys??  Not only do I have a couple of blog awards to pass on, but our favorite local business owner Dustin has stumbled upon my dark little corner of the internet.  I knew he still had feelings for me!  This being my blog, it's always going to be rather narcissistic and prejudiced.  So to be fair, he should get to have his say as well.  You can read his comment here.  And while I know I have the very best, most hilarious and wittiest commenters out there, I do ask that if you comment after Dusty, please don't be inordinately rude.  It would appear he already has a rather fragile ego and I would hate for him to take any of this bloggery fun to heart.  I'm beginning to think the fun is one-sided.
Now on to another kind of fun.  The infamous Pickleope is a big vinegar soaked cheater and passed along this ironic little gem:

Funny.  Reallllllll funny Pickleope.

The perfectly lipsticked and perfectly Caffeinated OC Mommy passed this one along:

Because I'm one of those consistently inconsistent people who only post when they feel like it, I don't remember what the rules are.  So here are the rules that sound good to me.  I list 5 random, inane facts and then pass these along to five awesome blogs that I love.  

Inanity #1. I'm still afraid of Bloody Mary.  I never turn on the light if I have to pee in the middle of the night.  While washing my hands before going back to bed, I refuse to look up into the mirror.  You know...just in case.

Inanity #2.  I cried on Saturday while watching the re-run of A Very Glee Christmas.  I know.  You don't have to say it.  I'm hanging my head in shame while typing this.

Inanity #3.  I hate seafood and while visiting my Gram over the summers in Nova Scotia when I was little, would hide my scallops and clams under the rug so I wouldn't have to eat them.

Did I say five facts?  Ehhh lets cut that down by two for the sake of laziness.

But I'm sticking with five awesome blogs.  You all get both awards and I fully expect a full FIVE facts.  No trying to skate by with three you lazy bastards.

Padded Cell Confessions.  She really is sweet AND charming AND funny.  Yeah, I hate her too.

Mayor Gia.  She's pretty much insane and what's not to love about that?  Oh, and perverted.  In the awesome, non-creeper kinda way.  I've laughed out loud numerous times reading her stuff.

TexaGermaFinlaNadian.   Effing HELL that's a mouthful.  As you can tell by the name, she gets around. (But not in the Beastie Boy kinda way) She's married to a hockey player and shares the curiosities she finds living in different countries. 

Lucy The Valiant.   Just like the Lucy of Narnia, she makes you want to be a better person.  She's a school teacher and for Christmas, picked out a book specifically for each student taking into consideration their individual personalities.  How incredibly awesome is that?  Very.  The answer is very.

Dawn at Lighten Up!   To begin with, her name is Dawn so you immediately know she's gonna be one of the coolest people ever.  And she really is.  Her posts never fail to get me to giggle.

Uhh...is that five??  One..two..Yep.  Good.  My work here is done.


  1. Who the hell is Bloody Mary and should I be afraid of her?

  2. Just to comment on the whole Gym fiasco, he is the trickiest kind of whore: pay for the service up front, and then the customer service goes out the window. Forget the old adage that the customer is always right, because it is not always so. I think D-Bag Dusty is forgetting the crucial fact that you've paid for a service, and that service is not being met satisfactorily. Honestly, though, good riddance to his gym.

  3. I have no idea what the rules were either, but congrats, you deserve both awards...Wait, you cried during Glee? Well, who am I to judge, I cried during the Planet of the Apes prequel.
    And was Dusty Googling himself (narcissism) or searching you out well after the fact (scary, stalker-level grudge holding)? Either way, he's obviously not over you and certainly not grasping the concept of comedic exaggeration. That's really weird. But honestly, I hope not for your sake but for my own entertainment, that you run into each other in the supermarket.

  4. Love Dawn's blog and will have to check out the others!

    Dustin is still a douche who never gets any action. Nice to know he is a self absorbed douche and like I said before, has to always try to get the last word in.

  5. It’s disturbing to see so many individuals partake in such shallow behavior. Continually bashing on an individual you don’t know is quite pathetic and juvenile. I’ve taken the time to read over the email interactions, note all blog comments and examine your blog as a whole to ensure I have the clearest understanding of the situation and both sides of the story. Dustin may not have responded in the most customer service savvy way to your initial email however your emails were completely out of line. I am baffled at the fact that you expected and felt entitled to a respectful response when you were rude, aggressive and completely inconsiderate from the start. Had it been me, I would have cancelled your membership as well. Having further examined your blog it is now clear to me that this is simply who you are: a miserable disgruntled woman who finds pleaser in bitching and complaining about any and everything she can point a finger to. You seem to find enjoyment in attempting to squander the character of others; what a sexy character trait that is. I hope for your sake you grow up someday and find some humility, it would do you a lot of good.
    @ One bad Pixie: Dustin is actually a really great guy and does just fine in the action department.

  6. Bloody Mary used to scare the bejesus out of me...ugh.

    Dustin's comment was great. But even better-your response. You never fail to make me laugh.

  7. I loved that Lucy TV did that for her students. Made me feel like a crap teacher for not being champion like her. Ah well. Next year in Jerusalem.

  8. Congratulations!! And thanks so much!!!!! I'm so grateful I'm not even going to comment on the glee crying thing :P

  9. Um, also, this is awkward...... but I realize you weren't on my links page. I'm sorry. You are now. And not just because you gave me an award I swear!

  10. Tony- http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/horrors/a/bloody_mary.htm I can't even bring myself to read it.

    Joshua- An analogy Dusty can relate to. Well done Joshua!

    Pickleope- You truly did? Maybe I should skip that one then.
    It IS really weird, isn't it? On the other post Anon included a link to a climbers forum. I've never known there were so many people who didn't get sarcasm. I will let you know how the supermarket meeting goes. :)

    Pixie- Definitely do! They are worth checking out.

  11. Syllogism- You are absolutely correct! I will have myself flogged forthwith and spend the remainder of my day wallowing in my shame.

    Amanda- Ugh. That Mary is such a drag! I've been finding this whole debacle rather amusing myself.

    OKinUK- Seriously! Wasn't that amazing? She does set the bar pretty high.

    Gia- Oh that IS awkward. *ahem* Well, I suppose it's too late to take it back, isn't it? ;)

  12. That whole gym thing has gotten kinda... awkward?
    I dunno. Seems that guy might just be the type to lose it and grab a gun.

  13. I love the ongoing health club saga, particularly your response being of bewilderment that he may be saying no to your free annual pass.

  14. Geez, I just read the comments. I have seen nothing but comic genius in all this health club stuff. I haven't taken anything beyond your complaint about the electrical problem seriously and I enjoyed Dustin's response which was clever and pissy - I guess cuz it is his business you were defacing. I loved it all.

  15. Wow, awkward commenter #5 just took the moment away from my acceptance speech! ;)
    I miserably worked in Customer Service and if I had ever received a sarcastic complaint email from you, it would have made my day!
    Thanks for the award love!! It could make my tooth feel better...after some celebratory drinks! ...in 12 hours or so since it's not even 9am yet... ;)

  16. Holy stinky scallops, Batgirl, thank you for the award! You sooo rock. One thing, though, you got to STEAL GRANDMA'S CANDY and HIDE THE WRAPPERS UNDER THE COUCH, too. This is how we Dawns do it.
    Srsly, girl, thank you. I just posted today and saw your comment afterwards - I will post my awesome award next week in my next post.

  17. Yay! Thanks! I have to go read what stupid Gym guy said now, even though I'm going to be running late, because I NEED to read it!
    ps, did your grandmother's house smell very terrible after you visited? I bet it did, and for some reason that cracks me up!

  18. Congrats on you getting the award! And maybe I do get around in the Beastie Boys way!! Haha, no, just kidding. But you are too sweet (first time anyone has said that, right, haha, jk). Sorry I am just now seeing this, I'm a slacker. You rock, and I truly enjoy reading your foul mouthed blog when I can :) And WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD did you have to go and mention Bloody Mary. Thanks. No more dark bathroom trips for me for a while, haha.

  19. Wow. I went back for the first time since it was originally posted & read all of the updates to the Dustin saga &...that certainly devolved into a pile of shit. I love it!

  20. Whoa...I'm glad I went back and read over this whole Dustin situation. I think it's a perfect example of how not to respond to a customer complaint, and I will use this lesson learned in my own experiences dealing with customers.

    I knew I could count on this blog to not only amuse me but to also teach me life lessons.

    Congrats on your blog awards and on winning that battle of wits...though the war rages on.

  21. Griffin- It's so beyond awkward I don't even know the word for it anymore. However, I've heard about Dusty's hunting skills...I think I'll be okay.

    Wow- So...Is that a no? Cause I wasn't sure. Don't tell me you're one of those people who really think no means no??

    Princess- Please ignore commenter #5. That's just meant for me. Award is well deserved and the first..and hell, since it's bloggy world, lets say second round as well, is on me. Here's to dental hygiene!!

    Dawn- What the?? Seriously? Where were YOU 20+ years ago? I adore you. :)

  22. Lucy- I hope you weren't terribly late. Honestly, I don't think it smelled badly at all because I'm pretty sure she knew what I was doing. At least she told me years later she was totally on to me. And I thought I was so sneaky.

    TGFN- Is it wrong to still love the Beasties? I'm thinking yes. My Mother has told me I'm sweet...that totally counts, right? ;) Oooh Bloody Mary. She really is the worst, isn't she? Just be sure to turn the light on when you pee and you'll be just fine.

    Andrew- A huge steaming pile of it!! Beyond upsetting!

    Katie- This made me laugh. Life lessons...that's what I'm here for. You're the best!

  23. Award time for you...because I'm crafty like that.


  24. haha hiding clams under the rug. Surely she noticed a rather fishy odor emanating from her flooring?

  25. Mrs. Tuna- You ARE crafty like that. I love how you refer to these things as the dark side of blogging. Couldn't be more accurate. Thank you!!!

    Alice X- Apparently she knew all along. She'd pretend she didn't see me doing it then clean up my bratty little mess afterwards. But otherwise, UCk! Just imagine how gross that could have been.

  26. Found you from Mrs. Tuna's place. Think I'll stay awhile if that's okay...

  27. Congrats on the blog awards. I still have yet to get any. :P

  28. Congrats on your awards Vixen. They are well deserved indeed.:)

  29. Laughingmom- Absofreakinglutely!!

    DWei- We shall have to remedy this.

    B.B.- Aw shucks. *kicks dirt* Thanks. :)