Thursday, August 18, 2011

Only The Coolest Dog Ever, no big deal.

Hooray!!!  FTLOB's picture perfect is all about the pets.  Finally an excuse for posting pictures of the most amazing creature to ever strut his stuff. He's the husky/malamute/wolf that my ex, Steele and I picked out together.  So, if you feel so inclined, I would love if you clicked on the link above and "liked" #32.  Cause I think he's awesome.  Which means you should too.  :)

When choosing a name for him Steele was pretty set on AU.  Have I ever mentioned he works in the gold mining industry?  Think periodic table of elements.  Yeah, AU, as in gold.

I don't think so.

I was willing to compromise and suggested Midas.  He went for it and Midas has been nourishing the neighborhood shrubs and trees with his golden showers for the last two years.

Meet Midas.  I KNOW, right??

After his very first bath.  He did not love it.

I am officially out of control with the pictures but oh, guess what?  It's MY blog!!

I feel it's imperative that I mention this was NOT my room.
Yup.  He got big. 

Did I mention I LOVE this dog?