Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Real Housewife of H2oVille

If you've happened to read a couple of my tragic posts where I attempted to bake these cookies and this angel food cake, then you already know I've inherited my Mother's penchant for using the smoke detector as the timer.  However, I think I may give it another go.  But it's okay, it's okay because I understand now what I did wrong.

I wasn't properly attired. 

Do swimmers try to race without their speedo?  Soccer players without their cleats?  Do stuntmen allow themselves to be set ablaze without their fire-retardant jumpsuit?  Absolutely not.  So what was I thinking trying to bake without an apron? *slaps hand to forehead*

Luckily, I have a foolproof plan to remedy this.  I will win this adorable cupcake apron that I will don on my next baking foray that will undoubtedly guarantee my culinary success.

Is this picture really blurry or did E2 slip something in my coffee? 

The Real Housewife of H2oVille is hosting this giveaway.  Oh, and the apron comes with a cupcake recipe book.  So, I don't see how my plan CAN'T work.  And with that, I have some takeout to order.