Thursday, July 21, 2011

Butterfly Award! Soooo pretty!

Butterfly award
Look what I got!!  Look what I got!!  Kortney over at Kortney's Krazy Life is a total sweetheart and awarded it to me.  I was so excited and nudged E2 who was sitting next to me on the couch to show him.

E2: "What is it?"

Me: " It's a blog award from another blogger who thinks mine is worth reading" I say while bouncing in my seat.

Clearly not understanding the magnitude of such an honor, he simply gave me an odd look and replied with an underwhelming "neat", then went back to watching Breaking Bad.

Neat?  That's it?  Not the response I was expecting.  What's his deal?  Ahhh waitaminute!  I've got it!!  Obviously he was overcome with jealousy and just didn't know how to properly express it.  Ugh!  Some people are so petty!  Why can't he just be happy for me?  Whatev's.  I'll let this one slide.  I've found in my vast experience with relationships that it's important to pick your battles. 

So Kortney, I was excited.  Thank you!!  Kortney recently posted a recipe for breakfast cups that I thought looked SO good.  We're having a breakfast potluck on Monday, (I kid you not, another effing potluck) and I made the comment that I should attempt to make them to bring in.  That idea was quickly vetoed and it was suggested a demand was made that I bring something store bought. 

Moving on.  The rules for the Butterfly Award are as follows:
  1. Link the person back who awarded you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Answer the following questions below
  4. Award this to 15 bloggers

Seven things you never cared to know:
  1. I served a Mormon mission for 18 months in Napa Valley.
  2. I have a malamute/husky/wolf named Midas who I lost in the custody battle.
  3. Okay, there was no custody battle.  I don't have a yard.  Or a house for that matter.
  4. Even after years in the U.S. I still pronounce about as "a boot" and house like "hoose".  Or so I'm told.  Over and over and over.  I get it people.  I occasionally talk funny.  Let it die!
  5. I was born in the front seat of a Gremlin on the way to the hospital with my little head bouncing face down on the seat.  What kind of introduction is that?  It's a wonder I'm not more surly than I am.  And plus...GROSS!!!
  6. I can wiggle my ears and touch my tongue to my nose.  I'm considering adding this skill set to my resume.
  7. I sometimes think I have the best family anyone could ever ask for.  Sometimes.

Name your favorite color-
Chartreuse.  Mainly because I don't really know what this color is. 

Name your favorite song-
The Canadian national anthem.  Okay, not really even though it IS super cool.  I'm currently digging The Funeral by Band of Horses.

Name your favorite dessert-
Chardonnay.  WHAT?

What wizzes you off- 
Flakes.  Not the dead skin type.  The people type.  

When you’re upset you-
Act like a mature adult and explain my feelings in a calm and rational way.  And then I throw folding chairs.  

Your favorite pet-
My sweet behemoth monster Midas.

Black or white-
I refuse to answer on the grounds of irrelevance.

Your biggest fear-
Paralysis.  Geez.  I don't even like typing it out.

best feature-
My sunny disposition, naturally!  :)  See?  Smiley face proves it.

Everyday attitude-
See above answer.  

What is perfection-
Having the people I love and respect the most in my life accept me the way I am.

Guilty pleasure-
Reading completely lame espionage spy novels.  I love em, okay?  Lay off!

I’m awarding these 15 blogs!! Congratulations!! 

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Caleb "he's a spaz but it's cool" Shreves 
Wow that was awkward  
Tony Van Helsing 
The Tattooed Housewife 
My Joy Project 
Oilfield Trash 
The Joyful Sparrow 
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I wanted to mention what it is I love about each of these blogs but I'm running short on time.  Just check them out because I really do have great taste in blogs!