Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm A Total Whore...but it's not what you think!

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*Sigh*  Yep.  I'm starting this post with a sigh because, to be honest, I feel pretty sheepish.  Oh, why mince words?  I feel downright stupid.  You see, for the love of blogs came up with the nifty idea of awarding 'best of category' to certain blogs.  I, in my naivete, thought this meant the fine people of FTLOB would be perusing the blogs, making the decisions and I might get a comment or two.  Mmm nope.  It's a popularity contest where you ask your pals to vote for you.



Everyone knows how redheads fare when it comes to this sort of thing.  We all know blonde's have more fun and brunettes remember it the next day but what about the redheads?  Any mention of them?  Not really.  And whys that?  Oh, right.  That would be because we're in the town square burning at the stake.  No big deal. 

So this is the part where I admit that I have no shame, completely whore myself out and implore you to save me from utter blogging humiliation.  You see, I have no illusions.  Even though I have 40 of the coolest followers in all of Bloggerdom, well...you see where I'm going with this.  What I am asking, okay, begging, is for you to help me not get totally annihilated, completely obliterated, reduced to utter ruin!!

This calls for another sigh.  *SIGH*  That's better. 

I entered under the "random" blog category and if you click on here I'm number 21 which makes me legal so you won't get into trouble!  Thank you to any of you who help me out.  Really!  I'm going to go see about a muscle relaxant now.  My sphincter has gotten squinched up from the stress of it all.