Sunday, November 13, 2011

*Du Bist Mein Liebster.

Growing up in Canada, I had to take French along with all the usual math, science, art type classes.  I love the way French sounds.  It's sophisticated and sexy and just sounds edible.  I don't know what I mean by that.  Go with it.

Then I moved to the states and decided it would be a super great idea to take German instead.  Why?  Because it was less crowded than French, (apparently nazis are still rather unpopular) I thought it might be good to branch out but really, when it came down to it, the German club got an end of the year trip to Daytona Beach.  Only stipulation was you had to actually be taking German.


E2 has spent quite a bit of time off and on in Europe, specifically France, for rock climbing.  It's not uncommon for him to come home at the end of the day and rattle off  *"Ce qui s'est passé aujourd'hui?"

And I'll eloquently reply "Shut yer whore mouth!  I don't know what that means!"  Because I don't remember any of the French I once knew.  Or I'll try to sound smart and confound him with some German.  "Warum sind sie belästigen mich du narr?"

He'll just look at me oddly and comment on how I sound like I'm choking on my own phlegm. 

And that brings us to the German word Liebster.  It literally translates as beloved.  Mrs. Mommy over at Life After Kids was awesome enough to give me the Liebster award.  Her other blog Did I Shave My Legs For This? makes me giggle.  Check her out and show her some love.

And now to share the Liebster love with five of my most beloved bloggers with 200 or less followers.  Not sure why that's a stipulation but whatev's.

1. Amanda over at Appreciating the Fireflies has been blowing me away lately with her writing.  She has a way of really bringing her words to life.  The fact that she's a total doll certainly doesn't hurt either.

2.  Tonya the Hobo Girl from Where Have All The Hobos Gone never fails to make me smile with her sense of humor and her drawings.  Her most recent post features a spot on rendering of the Price is Right showcase showdown.

3.  Then we have Angela at Begging The Answer.  She's sarcastic, a little dark, and a lot twisty.  What's not to love about that?  

4. Jordan, also known as Trailer Gypsy is a new favorite of mine.  She does amazing things with food she actually grows.  Like, from the ground!  And then puts them in jars to eat later.  And doesn't die from Botulism!  I KNOW, right?  And although I don't know her in real life, she seems like one of those genuinely good people you always hope will be on your side. 

5.  And that brings us to Pickleope.  Wow.  Where to even start?  I don't know whether Pickleope is male or female...maybe both?  I know there's more than one writer over there.  And I know for a fact that they're ALL crazy.  I absolutely LOVE the insanity that spews forth from the minds of that blog.  It's upsetting.  But the good kind of upsetting.  If you know what I mean.  Cause I don't.

* You are my beloved. 
** What happened today?
***Why are you bothering me you fool?


  1. Thank you for the Liebster love! I'll try not to think about the fact that Justin Bieber came to mind when I heard the word Liebster. Bieber impregnates everything, damn him!

  2. Thanks for the award, it made my night a lot better since the landlords didn't finish the sewer thing and now we're without a bathroom for another day. I just showered at our neighbors house, which was nice of him to let me, but still really awkward. I'm glad Justin Bieber did NOT come to mind when I read Liebster.

  3. Thank you thank you a thousand danke's (is that "thank you" in German?)!
    Ah German, the romance language. Provided you're romancing someone in Eastern Europe.
    (Psssst...Not to give up a trade secret, but there's actually only one, insane person writing Pickleope using the Royal "We" because it makes it more fun in my demented little mind.)

  4. Congrats to all! Pickleope cracks me up too. Too bloody funny!

  5. I love how you started this post out. I'm in Texas and I need to be speaking Spanish and can't remember ANYTHING I learned in high school.

  6. Felicitations, Liebschen! (See what I did there?) I actually don't know German so I'm not sure if I just said something inappropriate...i can only hope.

  7. Your honorees are perfect choices. Congrats.

  8. Congrats VV Darling! Of course you're beloved... as long as you're not cooking! Cups Up my Dear! xoxo

  9. Congrats!!
    Off to check out the other blogs!!! :)

  10. I only speak English and Apache.

  11. Herzlichen glückwunsch, mein Schatz. Du hast ein sehr gutes blog und du hast die Auszeichnung verdient! Und Deutsch klingt immer hässlich. Auch nur wenn ich es schreiben.

    And now, if only I could spit that baby out in Finnish :(

  12. Hiya kiddo. Just wanted to pop by and say hi. Thanks for the referrals. I'm always looking for another good blog.

  13. LMAO!! I took french right up to first year university and I would rate my fluency as "not." I'm not sure the whole concept of "core" French in the Canadian curriculum is really working.

    I've always thought Spanish was the prettiest of the romance languages. German does have an unfortunate phlegm-like sound to it.

  14. Tonya- I heard on Access Hollywood the other night, girls all over North America are becoming Beiber impregnated just from thinking about him. Watch yourself.

    Jordan- Oh my gosh, that IS awkward. Luckily not as awkward as getting knocked up by a teen idol.

    Pickleope- Sehr gut! Danke is correct. And excuse me but WHAT? I feel so misled. I feel so USED! It's a nice change. ;)

    ABFTS- He or She (and now we know singular) really is.

    Taylor- All that time spent learning things in class all day long and for what? Most of it's so useless. Except for gym. I can still wing a dodgeball like a mother.

  15. If Pickleope recommends you.... well then Im gonna get me a penicillin shot and start following you!

  16. Hello Darling,
    When the dust has settled from all this celebrating of your award... come pick up another one... rules are optional ; ) Blowing kisses my Dear... xoxo

  17. Aww thanks girl! You are the best!

    I also picked my foriegn language based on where we went at the end of the year. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go to Daytona, just some French restaurant that ended up sucking. Yay public schools lol

    Thanks again love!

  18. TriGirl- I DO see what you did there. Well done. And don't worry...I can make anything sound inappropriate in my head. Your comment made me laugh.

    Joshua- I'm glad you approve and thank you.

    C OC Mommy- Exactly. But I can mix a drink like no other!

    KSK- Thanks and I hope you do.

    Nixabn- Seriously? The Apache, I mean?

  19. TexaGermaFinlaNadian- Oh holy crap! What?? Give me a sec here. Umm, thank you and that's very kind. And I totally agree, German is even ugly when written as well as spoken. Finnish or German, I'm seriously impressed!

    B.B.- I'm so glad you did! I hope you like them as much as I do.

    Ixy- I'm glad I'm not the only lost cause then. Spanish is really pretty...until you're waiting tables and the cooks are yelling at you in Spanish to hurry your white ass up. It seems to lose some of it's charm.

    Steve- Welcome to the inanity. Might I also suggest a rabies shot as well as a Tequila shot? They go together like a wink and a smile, after all.

    C OC Mommy- Shut the front door! Rules are optional. Coming from you, I'm not at all surprised. ;) Thank you so much! You're a doll!!

    Amanda- I really hope they didn't try to trick you into trying escargot, did they? Uck!

  20. I totally suck at languages - I took 3 years of French 1 and 3 years of French 2 at various times in my life and all I remember is "jambon." Really, ham?