Thursday, August 18, 2011

Only The Coolest Dog Ever, no big deal.

Hooray!!!  FTLOB's picture perfect is all about the pets.  Finally an excuse for posting pictures of the most amazing creature to ever strut his stuff. He's the husky/malamute/wolf that my ex, Steele and I picked out together.  So, if you feel so inclined, I would love if you clicked on the link above and "liked" #32.  Cause I think he's awesome.  Which means you should too.  :)

When choosing a name for him Steele was pretty set on AU.  Have I ever mentioned he works in the gold mining industry?  Think periodic table of elements.  Yeah, AU, as in gold.

I don't think so.

I was willing to compromise and suggested Midas.  He went for it and Midas has been nourishing the neighborhood shrubs and trees with his golden showers for the last two years.

Meet Midas.  I KNOW, right??

After his very first bath.  He did not love it.

I am officially out of control with the pictures but oh, guess what?  It's MY blog!!

I feel it's imperative that I mention this was NOT my room.
Yup.  He got big. 

Did I mention I LOVE this dog?


  1. Oh my goodness! He is sooooo cute! The extra o's really make my point I think.

  2. Oh My Dog....I just passed out from the cuteness. Like, seriously.

  3. I'm not a dog person.. but I absolutely think Midas is ADORABLE! If I WERE a dog person.. that is the breed I want! :)

  4. He's gorgeous and he was such an adorable puppy too!! I'm glad you went crazy with the photos because I couldn't get enough of his sweet face!

  5. That's got to be one of the most beautiful dogs EVER!! I want MORE pictures!!

  6. Beautiful dog! Love the locks too! I'm a wannabe ginger.

  7. He starts off looking cute and now looks hard, great stuff.

  8. Lucy Jane Tonya & Katie- I couldn't agree more and yeah, the extra o's definitely make it more legit. :)

    KSK- I'd never owned a part wolf before but he's so smart. Well...most of time.

    Padded Cell Princess- There was no stopping me really. And this was holding back!

  9. Katie- What's that? More pictures you say? Well, if you insist. :)

    Elana- Sorry to tell you but the locks come with freckles galore and fish belly white skin. Yep. Right sexy that is.

    Mandy_Fish- He really really is!

    Tony- Don't be fooled by the fluff. He's a ferocious beast that will jump on your bed and snuggle you dead.

  10. Beautiful! Effin'! Dog! Love him! Take as many pix of you want of him.

  11. No! i'm not lying when i say this is the CUTEST pup alive! love this doll! hope you win fo----sho!:)

  12. So adorable!! And Midas is a great name (Jeremy named one of our cats Buttercup and I was embarrassed for her every time I had to introduce her to visitors)

  13. Dawn- I'm trying my very best to refrain from posting every picture I've ever taken of him. I don't want to be THAT girl.

    Vic- So it's not just me? ;) I love his furry little face.

    Sylar- Thanks for stopping by.

    Ixy- Um....Buttercup? Really? I couldn't help it but your comment made me snicker. And now I have that song in my head. My little buttercup, has the sweeeeetest smile. I'll bet she's super cute.

  14. Ahhhh! SOOOOOO CUTE! Desperately need a puppy in my life.

    Following! :)

  15. Beautiful doggie! Love the big ears! :)

  16. I don't normally like big dogs with long noses (all about pugs) but I love yours. He looks so sweet!

  17. Hello! I'm following you from the Sunday Social Follow blog hop. Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get the chance! Hope you have a good rest of the week! (:

    Amber @ Beautifully BellaFaith

  18. Awww, Midas is so handsome! LOVE the 5th picture down--he looks like a little stuffed animal with those big beautiful eyes! New follower via Super Stalker Sunday looking forward to future posts! :)


  19. Oh my goodness what a beautiful dog!!!

    Thanks for stopping by. Following you back! :)

  20. YOU ARE A HOOT! Just spent the last fifteen minutes perusing your blog and I have to tell you I love how real and honest you are. It's MUY refreshing. Thank you so much for stopping by Mama Leisha and for your SUPER SWEET comment you left on my "Staples" post. Wishing I had "Grand Tetons" so old men in Staples wouldn't mistake me for a dude. *Sigh* Looking forward to reading more from you!

  21. Soo cute, i got a pure bread Siberian Husky myself and love him to bits too :) wouldn't mind having a pack of them hehe absolutely amazing dogs!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog before <3

    Keep up the great work!

  22. omg he's adorable. Really beautiful! Thanks for kind comment on my blog x

  23. Damn cute doggie. True to the name, everything he eats turns to golden nuggets, right?

  24. Adorbs, and you know it.

  25. He is beautiful...I mean handsome!!

    I'm stopping by to say hello from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop!! Thanks for joining us again!! :)

    Have a great day,
    Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life

  26. I just voted for Midas!

    Beautiful dog! I love that he's part wolf. I went to a wolf preserve in December and a wolf sat in my lap. It was awesome!

  27. Jet's Journey- Everyone should have a puppy in their lives. It would be a happier world.

    Good Girl- He eventually grew into them but they were adorably huge.

    Andrew- :) He does tend to intimidate a lot of people.

    AmberFaith- Thanks for your heartfelt, sincere copy and paste comment that I noticed you've left on others blogs as well. Thanks for the invite but no, I will not be stopping by or following back.
    Best, VV

  28. Wife on a Roller Coaster- I agree! :)

    Aleisha- On the upside, just think of all the dirty old men in Staples that would be staring at your Grand Tetons if they were any grander. Huh. Did that even make sense?

    Ben- I kind of wanted another one for him to play with but they're just so BIG.

    Sian- I think he's pretty adorable too.

    Beer for the shower- Absolutely. Then I sell them on e-bay for $60 a piece. Gotta pay for all that dog food somehow.

    Joshua- I do know it. :)

    Thanks Kortney and thanks for stopping by.

    Thoutsappear- Thank you for voting!!! I love the pictures of the wolves. Especially Koko.

  29. He really is pretty cool (and a bit intimidating but you didn't hear that from me).

  30. Such a beautiful dog!!

    New follower here :)


  31. Midas is cute but he's got some competition from my pup Ripken. Thx for letting me know about the contest, now I'll go enter my dog. Just kidding. I'll give you my vote.

  32. Brandy- I remember you mentioning before he was a little big for your liking but I never would have known from how you sweet you were to him.

    Allen, Pearl & Working Mom- :):):)

    Phil- Until I actually see proof that this Ripken of which you speak actually exists, the jury is still out. ;)

  33. OMG. he is the cuteness!!!! I want one!


    I would sell my soul to Satan for one.

    By that, I mean that I think your pet is cuter than Chace Crawford.

    That's like, the best compliment I can give anyone.

  35. oh my goodness how can you not love that face!