Thursday, July 21, 2011

Butterfly Award! Soooo pretty!

Butterfly award
Look what I got!!  Look what I got!!  Kortney over at Kortney's Krazy Life is a total sweetheart and awarded it to me.  I was so excited and nudged E2 who was sitting next to me on the couch to show him.

E2: "What is it?"

Me: " It's a blog award from another blogger who thinks mine is worth reading" I say while bouncing in my seat.

Clearly not understanding the magnitude of such an honor, he simply gave me an odd look and replied with an underwhelming "neat", then went back to watching Breaking Bad.

Neat?  That's it?  Not the response I was expecting.  What's his deal?  Ahhh waitaminute!  I've got it!!  Obviously he was overcome with jealousy and just didn't know how to properly express it.  Ugh!  Some people are so petty!  Why can't he just be happy for me?  Whatev's.  I'll let this one slide.  I've found in my vast experience with relationships that it's important to pick your battles. 

So Kortney, I was excited.  Thank you!!  Kortney recently posted a recipe for breakfast cups that I thought looked SO good.  We're having a breakfast potluck on Monday, (I kid you not, another effing potluck) and I made the comment that I should attempt to make them to bring in.  That idea was quickly vetoed and it was suggested a demand was made that I bring something store bought. 

Moving on.  The rules for the Butterfly Award are as follows:
  1. Link the person back who awarded you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Answer the following questions below
  4. Award this to 15 bloggers

Seven things you never cared to know:
  1. I served a Mormon mission for 18 months in Napa Valley.
  2. I have a malamute/husky/wolf named Midas who I lost in the custody battle.
  3. Okay, there was no custody battle.  I don't have a yard.  Or a house for that matter.
  4. Even after years in the U.S. I still pronounce about as "a boot" and house like "hoose".  Or so I'm told.  Over and over and over.  I get it people.  I occasionally talk funny.  Let it die!
  5. I was born in the front seat of a Gremlin on the way to the hospital with my little head bouncing face down on the seat.  What kind of introduction is that?  It's a wonder I'm not more surly than I am.  And plus...GROSS!!!
  6. I can wiggle my ears and touch my tongue to my nose.  I'm considering adding this skill set to my resume.
  7. I sometimes think I have the best family anyone could ever ask for.  Sometimes.

Name your favorite color-
Chartreuse.  Mainly because I don't really know what this color is. 

Name your favorite song-
The Canadian national anthem.  Okay, not really even though it IS super cool.  I'm currently digging The Funeral by Band of Horses.

Name your favorite dessert-
Chardonnay.  WHAT?

What wizzes you off- 
Flakes.  Not the dead skin type.  The people type.  

When you’re upset you-
Act like a mature adult and explain my feelings in a calm and rational way.  And then I throw folding chairs.  

Your favorite pet-
My sweet behemoth monster Midas.

Black or white-
I refuse to answer on the grounds of irrelevance.

Your biggest fear-
Paralysis.  Geez.  I don't even like typing it out.

best feature-
My sunny disposition, naturally!  :)  See?  Smiley face proves it.

Everyday attitude-
See above answer.  

What is perfection-
Having the people I love and respect the most in my life accept me the way I am.

Guilty pleasure-
Reading completely lame espionage spy novels.  I love em, okay?  Lay off!

I’m awarding these 15 blogs!! Congratulations!! 

Caffeinated OC Mommy 
Caleb "he's a spaz but it's cool" Shreves 
Wow that was awkward  
Tony Van Helsing 
The Tattooed Housewife 
My Joy Project 
Oilfield Trash 
The Joyful Sparrow 
Chicken Noodle Gravy 

I wanted to mention what it is I love about each of these blogs but I'm running short on time.  Just check them out because I really do have great taste in blogs!


  1. Thank you for the award:) I am going to be accepting it on my other blog if you don't mind (then I don't have to censor what I write). That is funny about you being born in a son's bday is tomorrow and I will be posting about how he was born on Foothill Blvd:)

  2. Congrats on the award. And thanks for giving it to me. I will have to post about it soon.

  3. Ooh, thx for the award! It's pretty! I'm working on a post that combines the awards i've been given over the last few months and haven't done anything about yet :P

    btw, I didn't know you're a Canuck too!

  4. Ooooo thank you so much for the award! I am so grateful. Your blogs cracks me up btw :)


  5. Thank you so much!!! I'll have to give mine out when I get back from my trip. I have no idea why I'm still up at 1:15 am. I'm driving 24 hours tomorrow!

  6. Oh I'm going to have to remember to do all this stuff. Oh boy. Thanks, though!

  7. A prize for me?

    *Girl Scream*

    Thank you!

  8. What the french toast, woman? 192 votes?? Wow!!

  9. VV Darling, I heard you got an award and I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you for your fabulous accomplishment.... what? You've what? You've awarded MEee as well? Oh, how could I have known that I came over at just exactly the right time with my hair perfectly in place and my nose covered in powder? Where's the cameras? I need to make sure and give them my good side, oh wait a second, both of my sides are good!

    Whoooo Hooooo!
    I'd like to thank The Ginja Ninja, my always favorite lipstick that has been with me throughout my career, and I don't want to forget anyone... oh yes, the cosmetic aisle at Target... Kisses coming your way... Cups Up! xoxo

  10. Boys just don't get it.

    I think your blog is Sthuper Kewl!!

    Thanks for including me on your list! I'm honored and touched (unfortunately not in the kinky way).


  11. Fruit cup? Spaz?

    Them's fightin words, Gremlin-spawn.

    And quit distracting my girlfriend on my blog- it's keeping her out of the kitchen.

    As you should know, I don't follow rules and directions when it comes to blog awards. That being said, I'll give you ONE strange thing about me you wouldn't know.

    When writing by hand, I often omit letters in words and flip-flop other letters. This has caused some amusing problems when doing crossword puzzles. And some funny messages in birthday cards.

    PS fruit cup YOUR FACE


  12. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the award!!

    PS - I love your favorite color :)

  13. Cake- Absolutely, whatever floats your creative little boat. Can't wait to hear about this post. Holy crap. At least I was the baby and had no idea what the hell was happening.

    Oil- Thanks and you're most welcome.

    Tri- It was awesome to get it but what a pain in the ass. Didn't realize it would take so long. God save the Queen eh?

    Kelly- Thanks! I always look forward to your romantic updates.

  14. Barbara- I hope you got some rest before your trip you nut job! ;)

    Joshua- I know! I was hoping no one would groan when they saw this and think aww shit. Damn that Vapid!

    Mandy_Fish- A girly prize for a girly scream?

    C OC M- You're too much! I love it!!

    Brandy-Son- I'll take whatever touching I can get!

  15. Caleb- Some call it amusing crossword puzzles. Some call it dyslexia. Tomato, tomahtoe, I suppose.
    And five across the eyes for the gf comment.
    P.S. She's cooler than you.


    Katie- You betcha. I should really look that up. I just hope it's not in the pinkish family.

  16. I've put on a tuxedo in order to accept your kind award. Thanks very much, now I am going to start crying.

  17. Tony- Just warning you now, you do and I'll take away the award and use it to punch you in the balls.

  18. Please don't take this personally (why do people with that expression? like ok not I can say anything)
    but I think the Gremlin was the worst car ever except for the Vega I owned.
    Congrats on the award.
    Spies - I was looking for some agents in a post early this week.

  19. I found your blog via the sunday blog hop and I just LOVE it! Finally a blog where someone is acutally writing stuff instead of just givaways and review!
    Please come and visit my blog and follow back!!

  20. Thanks for the award! And you do have great taste in blogs - I have a bunch of these in my reader already.

  21. Hey! Pretty sure I was already following you, but you never really know with blogger and all, but I am now!

    Oh and who hasn't had a heathy folding chair throwing fit? Good for the soul if you ask me :).

  22. Haha, wicked profile write-up, and congratulations for the award.

    New follower from the Super Stalker hop. Would love a follow back at:

    Have a great week. : )


  23. I am your newest GFC follower from the hop. I would love for you to come visit my blog and follow back. I have great giveaways going on all the time.

    Thanks :)

  24. Blog awards are the best! I tried to tell my boyfriend about the one I got, and he didn't care/understand why I was sharing it with him.

    Oh well.

  25. Lisleman- Even the very NAME of the car sucks! And what's this talk about spies? Has my blog been infiltrated?

    Crystal Lynn- I have to agree. It gets old having my reading list clogged up with giveaways that I never enter.

    Ixy- Absolutely! Yeah, we know some pretty entertaining bloggers.

    Marlee- I'm glad you found me! I'll have to check you out as well.

  26. Becks- You had me at nipple decorations.

    KPort207- I will come check you out. Pardon my ignorance but what is a GFC follower?

    Miss Sassy Pants- Ugh. Some people. Their priorities are all kinds of screwed up! ;)

  27. It seems like I found your site at the right time/post! Already know a lot about you from your latest post. Coincidently, three of my favourite people are Canadians (my nephews:))
    Gotta love comment love Sunday, but your blog is very amusing so I shall be back.

  28. Thank you for stopping by. I read your "about me" page and about peed my pants...FUUUUUNNY!!! I'm for sure coming back...and it's not actually about I'm glad I'm not you but about I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)

  29. P.S and you can come party with me anytime!!! ;)

  30. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the lovely award. I am wearing my tux right now and looking forward to attending the nationally televised acceptance speeches.

    Let me know when I can expect the accompanying cash prize that I assume this award comes with.

    Thanks again, for realz. I appreciate it.

  31. good job! love tri-girl too-glad you passed your award on to her!

  32. Nazneen- I love that you just spelled favorite with a u. It's the Queen's English dammit!

    Vivian- Thanks for the clarification. ;) And for the invite. I'll take one of each cookie with the strawberry milk if you please.

    Wow- Um..yeah, that cash award. The checks in the mail. Hey, you're beautiful! Don't ever change! We'll talk, do lunch, leave a message on my machine.

    Robyn- Thanks! I'm glad you approve. :) She cracks me up.

  33. Sweetnees, your KILLING it over at FTLOB, didn't know I could vote more than once... ; ) Cups Up! xoxo

  34. I posted on this (soooo late!)