Monday, December 14, 2009

She's Going The Distance...or not.

I was going through some boxes of stuff tonight and came across my journal from the last six years. Yeahhh. I didn't write in it all that often. But I found the entry where I had decided that since I never finished college, the only logical career path would be to become a real estate agent. It was in August of 2007 that I was writing about being on the "home stretch" to becoming licensed.
Huh. I have now been on that home stretch for the last two years and four months. In all reality I guess you could say I reached the home stretch, paused to throw back some celebration drinks, projectile vomited celebratory drinks and then promptly passed out on said home stretch.
I remember this. My husband at the time and I were having a lot of problems and I just simply stopped caring. My desire was gone. I remember everyone at the real estate office I was working for at the time kept asking if I was licensed yet. That was the only reason I even considered continuing with it. Dedication? Motivation? A sense of accomplishment? Nawww. I just didn't want everyone at the office thinking I was a dumb ass.

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