Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Absolutely. Wait...REALLY?

Soooo yeah. October 1st will be my two year mark with the company I am currently working for. Two years people! That is monumental for me. I think the longest run I've ever had was three years and that was only because I was promoted and got my very own minions to boss around. Okay, lets be honest, it's because I was too lazy to update my resume.

On August 7th I got written up by my superior at work. It was on a Friday so it didn't have the potential for devastation that it could have had. It was Friday after all. My brain basically shuts down Thursday afternoon around 2:00pm. If she had broken it to me on a Monday, yeah, that would have sucked. It's the start of a whole new week after all. And a Tuesday? Oh the humanity! Just bust my kneecaps with a bat and get it over with. No good has ever come on a Tuesday. But, as it happens, she has a heart and did it on August 7th, a Friday.
So she pulls out copies of my time sheets. From the last six months. Six months being half a year. In half a year I have not been on time or put in a full 40 hours. Apparently that's a problem here at the PDC. How was I to know they actually EXPECT a person to keep those sort of hours? Fine. Whatever. The economy is in the crapper at the moment (thank you Captain Obama) so I'll play by your rules. 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. Oh, absolutely I can do that. No big deal.

Except it IS a big deal!!! I have been on this schedule for 17 days now and IT IS A BIG DEAL!!! I can not believe they expect me to keep this shit up indefinitely!! Eight AM. As in morning. As in have to get up at SEVEN AM to get there on time. Which is EIGHT. There's only so much Starbucks can do for me, ya know? And the biggest size they'll give you is a Venti. 20 lousy ounces of jump-start. Really? That's the best you can do for me??
So now I'm up to $25 a week just so I can function for a few hours. I don't make enough to spend that much on food AND caffeine. Life is all about choices. Wanna bet which is the priority?

Thank you venti hazelnut latte for helping me keep my job. I like to consider it an investment in my future.
Best $25 ever spent.


  1. have I told you I love you.... I absolutly love you! Thanks for brightening my day, you should write more often.

  2. I don't know if I get in trouble for reading this at the PDC, but I feel for you. I'm sorry your being picked on!

  3. Aw Jenn, I love your guts too! And Faith, did you temporarily forget who your boss is? You won't be getting into trouble. I, on the other hand, had it coming!

  4. I love the Starbucks I.V. pic. That is so mean except I haven't been able to fork out that $25 a week for my habit. You're very funny and write very well.

  5. I know it doesnt sound like much but $25 is a big deal nowadays. We're in a recession dammit! I would for sure feel better about the cost if mainlining were an option.